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Hello and welcome, I’m Jill and I own and run Positive Image Photography. My lovely, private studio is in the peaceful countryside in Firgrove Estate, just a 10 minute drive from Dubbo.


I fell in love with photography when I was given a camera for Christmas about 7 years ago. The camera was pink, by the way! I played around with it as often as I could, taking so many photos of my garden in so many ways, and my grandchildren, flowers and animals were perfect models for me. I immediately felt peaceful when I was looking through the lens and experimenting with my camera to see what I could create, and that feeling of peace never leaves me when I have a camera in hand.


If you ask me what type of photography I prefer, I find it hard to be definitive - I just love whatever I am doing at that moment. However, most photographers are drawn to a style or a genre, and for me that usually involves people.


And so here I am, spending as much time as I can around other photographers and taking photos of people to capture their special moments, or even their candid moments.


I offer different types of portraiture from my studio and garden, or I can be more mobile if you would like me to come to you. Read more about my Boudoir, Family and Corporate/Business portraits, as well as the exciting new venture into Photoshoot Parties for Teens and Tweens. 


I’m sure you will find something that you would love to try. Contact me today so we can talk further about how I can capture your special moments for you.


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