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Boudoir Photography is a relatively new genre in regional areas, but don’t let that worry you. It is an experience that you'll love, even if you are nervous to start with (as we all can be with something that is a bit unknown). So, what is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is simple, romantic, flirty, mysterious, beautiful and often undeniably sexy. The main concept of boudoir is that it typically takes place in a woman’s “boudoir,” or bedroom, and contains elements of voyeurism, or observing a woman’s private moments and there may be a suggestion that she may, or may not know the viewer is watching.

Boudoir is foremost about beauty, passion, and simplicity and is photographed in a very simple  and naturally lit style.


Even though women are more empowered and more liberated today than at any other time, we seem to be heading backwards as far as loving ourselves and boosting other women to the heights that we should be.


Here is where Boudoir can make a positive change in boosting your confidence, giving you a positive self-image and proving to you that you are perfect no matter how much that negative self-talk has been getting into your head. Having a Boudoir shoot is more than a lingerie shoot or a glamour photo, it is a showstopper! It will change the way you think, help you to conquer your fears and let you believe in yourself.


Let’s talk further about how I can help you on the journey to falling in love with yourself, and drop a few jaws in the process. I hope to capture you as you are and help you to be comfortable in front of my lens so that I can create beautiful memories that you will treasure forever. A boudoir photo shoot is a creative way to learn self-love and self-worth. You’ll leave feeling liberated with a reaffirmed connection to your body and sensuality.

Your session can be about a fun and unique gift idea for an anniversary, birthday, or as a gift to your groom on your wedding day.  Many women are taking time to celebrate a milestone, be it a weight loss or fitness goal, at a time of starting over, to rediscover their sex appeal, or best of all - just for themselves.


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