How did I get here?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

By “here” I mean working on blogs for my own website, having my own photography studio, having the freedom to practice different genres and styles, and just having a damn fine time of it all.

I’ve never seen myself as a particularly arty type of person, even though I’ve dabbled in many artistic pursuits and (if I may be so confident) I am pretty good at knitting and ok at crochet, I can make a lovely greeting card, and my colouring-in skills are pretty great!

Photography, though. That’s for clever people who understand the jargon and can use their camera and lenses and instantly pull off a brilliant shot. Isn’t it? This is where I beg to differ and where I realised that yes, I could do this with a bit of practice (well, lots and lots of practice) and some professional teaching. I’d tried reading my camera manual to get some insight into using it in manual mode and let me say that confusion ruled, and frustration and disappointment followed closely behind.

In 2017, my beautiful friend Megan invited me to a retreat weekend way out in the bush at Pilliga Pottery. It’s just outside Coonabarabran in NSW and a must-see if you love serenity, artistic pottery, and excellent food. I was thrilled to find that one of the sessions that weekend was about photography. We also did workshops in pottery, singing, soap making, drumming, went on bush walks, and much more, but the session on photography, well it changed my life.

Whenever I hear someone say that something changed their life, I’m left wondering how they moved on from the “wow moment” to making the change. Well, now I know. That Pilliga weekend invitation started it for me. The teacher recommended an online photography group that is women only, supportive and fun, and really simplified the technical side of photography. I thought about it constantly, checked out the website and Facebook pages, and continued to play the “should I, shouldn’t I” game of indecision. Then suddenly I didn’t want to procrastinate anymore. I wanted to find out what I could do. So, I joined the Click Love Grow community and never looked back.

It was the hardest, most frustrating thing I had ever learned, but it was also the most thrilling, the most enjoyable and the most satisfying. I. LOVED. IT.

Fast forward to 2020 – the year of change – and I challenged myself to lose the self-doubt, take my thoughts and dreams out of my head, and start to build on what I wanted to achieve. I did things I’d never imagined – I wrote a business case, did my own market research, I remodeled my garage into a beautiful studio and did 95% of the work myself, built a website with assistance from my sister Jen - below -

(talk about the blind leading the blind!) and before I knew it, I was off and running in my beautiful, purpose-built studio – well, more of a slow jog, but I’m moving ahead and loving every minute of it.

I take a minute, sometimes more, every day to stop and smell the roses of this achievement and bask in the glow of appreciation for being able to do something I love and having a load of fun while I do it.

You can take your “wow moment” and make it sing, just take one deep breath and one step towards your dream, stay focused and have fun while you’re moving in that direction. It’s your time, go get it!!

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